The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make and How to Completely Avoid Them.

Why you need the “D” word with AutoImmunity

“I’ve been saying that for years!” I screamed at Brian as I drove away from the parking lot of our community pool.

He was sitting beside me as I high tailed it in my Honda Civic, my hair still dripping wet from the quick shower I took after the morning swim.… Continue reading...

Sleep. Why is it so crucial?


We’ve been doing it all our lives.

In fact, it’s such a mundane task we think little of it. That is, until the lack of being able to get it, starts to affect our lives.

We’re getting an average of 20% less sleep than people in the 1960’s.Continue reading...

Cravings: Why Do We Have Them?

“Get over my food cravings…”

This is one of the most common, stubborn problem that clients have shared with me when I ask them, ‘What is the greatest challenge or issue that you are facing that you haven’t been able to overcome to date?”

Specifically, they have shared with me the struggle to overcome persistent, nagging sugar, simple carbohydrate (white flour food products) and caffeine cravings.Continue reading...

Delicious, quick oven baked fish


I’ve always been hesitant to bake fish; as it seemed to always come out dry.

That was until I tried this fail-proof recipe courtesy of Mark Bittman. I’ve passed on the technique to my Mom and she now says what I have thought:

“I’m not going to be ordering salmon at restaurants anymore.Continue reading...

Easy Way to Know It’s Gluten Free

It’s all about Brows. 

Well, this time I’m not talking about the ones on your face, but the acronym BROWS as an easy way to remember what contains gluten. 

Pencils ready! (Nod to the teacher, Mr. Turkentine, on Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.… Continue reading...